Project Risk Analysis updated to version 3.0

Determine the contingency required on your project using Monte Carlo Simulation

The latest version of Project Risk Analysis makes this well-loved program faster, more flexible and easier to use

Read the article "Why Project Costs are 'Expected' to Overrun" to see why you need this program.

Project Risk Analysis using Monte Carlo Simulation - get your free trial now

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AioFlo v1.07 Pipe Sizing Software available now

Fast, flexible and accurate piping hydraulics calculator

AioFlo pipe flow rate and pressure drop software - get your free trial now
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Our Products

Katmar Software produces engineering and project risk analysis software. We provide cost effective, top quality programs for the Microsoft Windows (tm) environment. Prices for our commercial software start as low as US$19.95, and some of our utility programs are completely free. Fully functional evaluation versions are available for all our products, and they are all covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Liqueur blending software currently in development

AlcoDens is designed to work with mixtures of ethanol and water only, but many products have added sugar as well. The calculation problems caused by the shrinkage or contraction that occurs when water and ethanol are mixed are even worse when sugar is added into the mix. The degree of shrinkage varies with both the alcohol and sugar concentrations, and of course with the temperature.

We are currently developing a new application, called AlcoDens LQ, which will provide several tools similar to those available in AlcoDens but with the added capability of accurately calculating the impact of added sugar. More details of the AlcoDens LQ program, together with examples of the calculators already completed, are available here.

Background Information Articles

We have written a few articles giving background details on some of the methods used in our software. These may be of general interest, beyond just being background to the software.